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Online Finance Academy provides trading courses and financial markets training to institutions and retail traders, globally. Each of our instructors has an average of a quarter century of trading experience, both on pit-traded and electronic markets. They know what it takes to succeed and they are ready to mentor those who show the dedication to master the art of trading.

Whether your interest is in day trading, swing trading, hedging, or investing, our trader-teachers show you the methods they themselves currently use to successfully trade stocks, forex, options, commodities, bond and index futures. This is complemented by ongoing mentoring, a supportive community of traders on our chat platform, and career placement with partner trading firms; this is the kind of support you need if you have any hope of succeeding in today’s financial markets.

Course Offerings


Master in Trading Core

The Master in Trading Core course is a comprehensive trader training program providing you with the skills and…

Shaun Downey

It’s great to find a system that utilises an approach that isn’t just a rehash of different methods that almost every other trader tries to use. The use of time frames as a foundation for trades is cutting edge. A great system and one I’m pleased to endorse!

Kane Jackson - CEO, Empire Equity Group P/L

Mark Shlaes

It is rare to come across someone with a wealth of experience in trading like Mark. Mark has a great ability to transfer his knowledge to traders and explain the concepts clearly and concisely. What made him stand out as a manager is his ability to know exactly when to push traders and to be firm and strict, and when to hold their hands and lend his support. I feel very fortunate to have had Mark as my mentor.

Marko Stanojevic

Jon Harman

Jon was my instructor, and my first contact with futures trading. Unlike a lot of traders who started in the pit, he has been very flexible to adapt his trading abilities to present day conditions. I am always happy to hear or read his fundamental analysis that is always full of insights and which act as a guide for my trading. I'm starting my 3rd year on the live market and so far I have had only had 1 negative month.

Max Rolland

Larry Gazette

I've known Larry both personally and professionally since 1988 when we met on the Trading Floor of the NYMEX. There, Larry was not only an accomplished professional in our field of derivatives, but also a successful leader and owner of his firm, Mondo Trading, which employed traders worldwide. I watched Larry manage and inspire his employees to success. His strong sense and exercising of ethics parallels his success. I'm proud to know Larry and offer my personal reference.

AJ McNally CEO, ClearHedging

Helen Tasker

Helen’s experience in the markets and easy going personality made it very easy to learn. Helen’s support and coaching in the live markets, with advice on risk management made all the difference, and was fundamental to me in growing a successful career in the markets. On reflection, the toughest thing about trading is fighting battles within yourself, which is why mentoring is the best accolade a trainer can have and Helen was excellent at it!

B. Hollingdale

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