About Us

Elite Level Financial Markets Training

There is no such thing as a ‘secret formula’ to trading success, just as there are no gurus who will give you all the answers and make you rich. If you have any hope of succeeding as a trader, you will need significant motivation. All those other factors, such as developing discipline, patience and guts, we nurture that. Show us you are motivated and we will help you develop those essential personality traits to succeed; and we will continue to mentor you throughout your trading career.

A good part of what you need to know to succeed as a trader can be found for free online, or at least for minimal cost from a few good books. And while we are happy to show you the rudiments of trading and finance, traders come to us to acquire what can’t be found in books, specifically, our depth of expertise, our experience and our sincere desire to see you succeed as an independent trader.

7 key points that distinguish us:
  • A strong emphasis on trading psychology and risk management
    You will benefit from a peak performance training program which assesses your trader profile and determines a trading style and product suited to you.
  • Courses which teach the advanced level concepts you need to succeed
    Trading is not as simple as many trading schools suggest. It is a serious challenge which demands that you understand how markets really work. You need experts for that.
  • Great Value
    Because our instructors are already highly regarded traders and instructors, we don’t need to invest large sums of money in publicity trying to convince you. These savings are passed on to you.
  • A variety of courses taught by experts in a variety of trading styles and products
    Your success will come by focusing on trading a product and method that suits your temperament. Not everyone can trade the same way successfully.
  • Process driven training methods
    How you learn is as important as what you learn. We are educators as well as traders and know how to nurture your critical thinking, your ability to adapt, your discipline and confidence.
  • Membership in an online community of successful professional traders
    Even after your course is complete, you will have free access to our exclusive trader chat platform where you will gain daily insight and advice. The mentoring never stops.
  • Career recruitment
    With a global contact base of FCMs, proprietary trading rooms, funders, and fintech firms, we make serious efforts in helping our alumni develop their financial career.