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Online Finance Academy offers a full range of trading courses, from core courses in technical trading, macro fundamental analysis and personal portfolio management, to private mentoring and tailor-made programs for institutional clients. Our trading courses are taught by active traders with decades of experience teaching financial professionals in banks, proprietary trading firms and trading schools.

training tailored to each individual

The uninitiated may view the world of trading as tedious, but there is an intense psychological game lurking beneath the surface of financial markets. Our goal is to expose this world to you and engage you because ultimately, your success at trading – or any other discipline – is determined by your passion for it.

We get to know each of our students with a detailed personal interview before any trading course starts. This allows us to tailor each course to develop the strengths, and confront the challenges of each trader. Students are encouraged to ask questions and let go of their ego. Having an open learning atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable expressing their trading ideas helps develop accountability, rigor and self-confidence. Mastering any discipline requires personal initiative, not regurgitation.

Our trading courses are highly interactive and we focus on real-time training. You see how we trade: how we prepare, where we get in and out, and most importantly, why. Included with most courses is an extensive library of study modules and homework assignments with engaging questions. Students are encouraged to see the creative side of trading, explore trading ideas and ask the difficult questions.

Training is provided primarily online, but with an internationally based teaching staff, we travel and train groups of traders onsite as well. We provide something other schools do not provide, including: courses taught by highly regarded trading professionals from around the world, the availability of online access to our trading courses, and 24/7 trader mentoring available through our chat/news platform. If there is an area in the financial markets for which you need specific training, reach out to us. We welcome collaboration and partnership.

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