What They’re Saying About Us

Mark Shlaes

It is rare to come across someone with a wealth of experience in trading like Mark. I had a pleasure working for him for 7 years when I was just starting out in the business at HTG Capital in New York. Mark has a great ability to transfer his knowledge to traders and explain the concepts clearly and concisely. What made him stand out as a manager is his ability to know exactly when to push traders and to be firm and strict, and when to hold their hands and lend his support. I feel very fortunate to have had Mark as my mentor. Marko Stanojevic

Shaun Downey

I have had the pleasure of knowing Shaun for over twelve years and I always consider myself exceptionally lucky that he is the one that taught me how to trade using his Technical Analysis techniques. His energy and understanding of how markets operate will be quite unlike anything you will have experienced and I assure you that any conversation will leave a long-lasting impression. While Shaun operates an elegant simplicity in his work you will quickly come to realize just how much he has personally advanced this field with little to no recognition. The one resounding lesson I have come away with is that Shaun is unique in his approach and provides market insight like no other. Shaun's work ethic, character and lifelong dedication to his work make him the diamond in a very overpopulated rough. I am proud to call him my friend and I strongly encourage you to explore his work. I promise that you will not look back and it will seem like someone has just flicked the lights witch for you. Andy O'Kelly - Cabrera Partners
It’s great to find a system that utilises an approach that isn’t just a rehash of different methods that almost every other trader tries to use. The use of time frames as a foundation for trades is cutting edge. A great system and one I’m pleased to endorse! Kane Jackson - CEO, Empire Equity Group P/L
I would highly recommend it as an invaluable trading tool for expert investors, let alone the money it’s likely to save beginners. Mark Voller – Marylebone partners
Your work is invaluable to us Citibank

Larry Gazette

I've known Larry both personally and professionally since 1988 when we met on the Trading Floor of the NYMEX. There, Larry was not only an accomplished professional in our field of derivatives, but also a successful leader and owner of his firm, Mondo Trading, which employed traders worldwide. I watched Larry manage and inspire his employees to success. Larry is also an early adopter of all that is technology. He was the first to embrace the Internet Age and address the impact it had on our business. He did this through founding a firm which developed technology to aide traders in the new environment on the screen away from the traditional trading pits. He successfully built and managed a sales and administration team and finally sold his business to a larger institution. His people skills are supported by his success in his businesses and the people he has trained and mentored. His strong sense and exercising of ethics parallels his success. I'm proud to know Larry and offer my personal reference. AJ McNally CEO, ClearHedging
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Larry for almost 30 years, as a colleague, collaborator and competitor. Larry is an exceptional individual. He possesses a rare combination of financial market acumen, street smarts and a strong moral compass, living by fairness, honesty and integrity. Moreover, he is warm-hearted, hard-working and insightful, often coming up with out-of-the-box solutions. In the modern, transient world his skills, dedication and values have become even more important. I continue to value his opinion and judgement on markets, business strategies and life in general. Brad Fishman, Fixed Income Compliance Advisor
I've worked for, and with Lawrence Gazette in a number of derivatives businesses over two decades. Three qualities stand out most for me. Lawrence possesses:
  1. integrity
  2. a quick wit, is able to quickly identify opportunities and capitalize on them
  3. a keen and intuitive grasp of people and what drives them. This final quality is what impresses me the most about Lawrence. In numerous tricky situations with competitors or negotiating partners I've seen Lawrence turn the tide with his insight, sensitivity, and frank discourse, converting potential adversaries into allies.
Wade Vagle, CFA, Algorithmic Trader/Model Developer

Helen Tasker

I was lucky enough to be taught by Helen in my first trading position. She has so much market experience, knows everyone, and is really friendly. Not being from an economic background, I was a bit overwhelmed when I first started trading, and I found that Helen made everything really easy to follow and always took time out to answer questions and offer new insights when I needed them. "Teacher credibility is vital to learning" and Helen's success in her own trading career, as well as being widely respected among other traders, sets her apart from the rest. Amber Taylor
Before being trained by Helen, I had 6 months’ experience of the markets as a trader’s assistant trying to make sense of what appeared to be a complicated sequence of numbers. Not progressing in the way I had hoped, I moved to a new company that provided a training course run by Helen. Helen’s experience in the markets and easy going personality made it very easy to learn, and for me to finally start enjoying trading. I soon learnt it’s how you manage a position which is the key to success and Helen’s support and coaching in the live markets, with advice on risk management made all the difference, and was fundamental to me in growing a successful career in the markets. On reflection, the toughest thing about trading is fighting battles within yourself, which is why mentoring is the best accolade a trainer can have and Helen was excellent at it! B. Hollingdale

Brian Walsh

I have known Brian Walsh for many years. Brian has an immense amount of practical trading experience and overall Market expertise. Brian is a very good instructor and an excellent mentor. He is a database of Market knowledge, intuition, and practical experience. Brian understands both the technical and emotional side of the Market. I give him my highest recommendation. Tom B.

Adam Jagiellowicz

I wanted to express my immense gratitude to Adam, who I consider as a big brother, a mentor. He taught me to trade and he helped me find a job. He is a person with a big heart and is passionate and dedicated to his work, especially when it comes to helping others. And the least I can say is that he is really brilliant. He gave me confidence in myself, and when I am in front of a trading screen. He is a wonderful person. I highly recommend to all those who wish to work with Adam, or work with him, to not doubt him. He is good at what he does and is a person who has a great sense of friendship and relations. So, I send my admiration and my sincere recommendation. Francois Abley
Adam is a teacher first and foremost, and it shows in his courses as he takes the time to make sure you fully understand his material. From learning technical strategies to taming the psychological side that comes with ever-changing markets, his unique approach to trading really introduces you to a new experience in which very few people know of. Even when you are done your course, you have access to a support community where you get to discuss trading 24/7. If you are serious about trading, Online Finance Academy is the place. No smoke, no mirrors here, only trading! " Pino D.
When I decided to learn about the stock market, I was very nervous. There is so much information out there and I was unsure of how to string it all together. Adam was the one who helped me make sense of it all. It was hard for me to make this change in my career considering it has its risks. Adam was always there to answer my questions and talk me through the anxiety when I thought I made a wrong move, or simply when I just wasn't getting it. All in all he is very dependable and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn more about the market. He is very knowledgeable and really puts his years of experience to good use. I am more confident as time goes by, and feel a sense comfort knowing Adam has taught me well.” J. Lenar
In 2016, I took a Master in Trading course with Adam J. He explained all the aspects of trading fundamentally and technically, making emphasis on Market Profile, price action and trading patterns. Adam made sure I understood all the subjects he explained, and to help me make continuous progress on my trading abilities, he continued to help me after the course. The market understanding and knowledge I got after the program is priceless and is something no school or university will provide. Marco Ruiz
As a student looking to know both the technical and fundamental aspects of the market, I learned a lot with Adam. He was able to go in details and review our ideas as well as show us examples using the real-time market. The time spent one-on-one was really helpful since sometimes it’s hard to grasp the knowledge of this material. Now, as a trader, I owe a lot of my knowledge to him as he was a good teacher. Ask questions as much as you can and he will answer and he won’t let go until you actually got the idea of how the concepts work. Also, he’s able to make the class very enjoyable. I give him a 10/10! Ali S. Ghane